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Basic SEO guide for wordpress 2019. With this title, the first free guide of the Digital Marketing Blog was launched . After 6 months with the guide in the “free downloads” section , more than 400 downloads of the content have been Food And Beverage Email posted . Due to this great reception I have encouraged to continue writing small guides that can help you in SEO, Social Media and Digital Marketing. For free. Thank you all!

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The index of the guide is:

1. Introduction

2. SEO on page

2.1 Preconfiguration

2.1.1 Permanent links

2.1.2 Remove the name of the category

2.1.3 URL of images and attachments

2.2 Facilitate indexing

2.2.1 Configure the Google snippet

2.2.2 Avoid duplicate content

2.2.3 Use of a Sitemap

2.3 SEO for content

2.3.1 Titles

2.3.2 Body of the article

2.3.3 Use of H1, H2, H3

2.3.4 Optimize images

2.3.5 Meta description

2.3.6 Content hierarchy

2.3.7 The loading speed

3. SEO off page

3.1 Interaction with social networks

3.1.1 Click to tweet

3.1.2 Social Locker

3.1.3 Integrate in Twitter

3.1.4 Integrate with Facebook

3.2 Comments on other blogs

3.3 Link Bait

With the aim of improving the old edition, I made changes to adjust it to the news produced in SEO 2019. I am aware that we are talking about a basic guide, so those with more knowledge in SEO may feel disappointed. So I take this opportunity to tell you that later I will publish another more advanced SEO guide, as far as you can tell …