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The attitude shown by the citizen Zuleika Alistair Andía towards the worker Elena Viza Conquered, who tried to put order in the transit in the Uchumayo Variation, in Arequipa, evidence to what reprehensible levels a human being can arrive. There is a lot of work for sociologists, psychologists and anthropologists to try to find an Healthtrax Corporate Email explanation for this behavior.

And while the scholars do their work for the long term, it is positive that the Public Prosecutor’s Office has made its own when opening an investigation to the aggressor woman, who attacked not only with words to her victim, as the whole country has seen, but also physically, because there is already a medical report that accounts for that. Alatrista Andía would have committed a crime and has to answer for that, beyond his whining and the role of victim that he wanted to show to the police.

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What Alatrista Andía has done with the lookout of a work in Uchumayo has no justification whatsoever, so it is to be expected that the Public Ministry will act with all the rigor that the law allows. The physical aggression, the racism, the insult and the arrogance that all this frames can not go unpunished. If a woman went to Santa Monica for giving her a bully with a policeman, why not do the same with this character, who became famous thanks to social networks?

We must bear in mind that here we are not just one more case of those in which the infamous phrase “you do not know who I am” is released, with the threatening index finger raised. We speak of an aggression with physical injuries, that if the prosecutors do their job well, it could lead to a sentence that serves as an example to those people, men and women, who hurt the country so much with attitudes like the views against a worker. of Arequipa.

In Peru we have laws for everything and it is time to apply them. Just as the famous bully of the San Isidro pistol had his driver’s license taken away and had it difficult after his viralized “feat,” in Arequipa something similar must happen, with the aggravating circumstance that there is an injury involved. In the country, the law of the jungle can not prevail, or that of who shouts loudest or hits first. Prosecutors and judges have the floor.