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The evaluation of students in the classroom aims to collect, measure and permanently assess achievements, progress and difficulties in their learning. It is, first of all, that children and young people know how they go in their curricular areas and workshops to strengthen their successes and overcome their weaknesses. It is sought that parents can, with valid and reliable information, closely and properly accompany their children in their integral High School Coaches Email List formation. And, of course, it is about teachers developing feedback activities and recovering the knowledge (learning competences) of their pupils so that they reach optimal levels of educational performance, within the framework of a pedagogy for diversity.

The indicated is possible when the evaluation is qualitative and descriptive, trying that all the students -at minimum- achieve the expected and satisfactory learning (A). For that, each competence must be examined using evidences or educational descriptors (indicators of achievement), for which there are multiple instruments of evaluation, not only the well-known written tests.

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In the Initial and Primary levels, in general lines, this model has been adequately developed 20 years ago, with the difficulties inherent in each educational change. Now it corresponds to apply it to the Secondary, as it is foreseen in the National Curriculum. It’s good that the Minedu has been rectified, and now only begin with the first year of Secondary and keeping the letters AD, A, B and C. However, for this system to work, it is necessary to generate management and technical teams in the entire sector who have experience in the classroom, and in this type of evaluation, to train and accompany the directors and teachers. The Minister of Education has the floor. Let’s all collaborate