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The social network with the most users in the world, Facebook. Announced at the F8 conference, which would ban the publication of content automatically by third-party applications in personal profiles as of August 1.

Yes. In any case, Facebook does not Marketing List of Plumbers restrict the use of external applications in company pages , so as experts in online marketing , we must adapt to the new update if we want to continue using these applications.

The solution: change the personal profile to a business page. No more problems!

In this section we must emphasize the goal of Facebook behind all this situation, which is neither more nor less, than to separate the commercial use of personal accounts in order to offer a better user experience .

Marketing List of Plumbers

The new update means focusing on the focus of the look, the protection of privacy and the access of information to a …

While it is true that Facebook tries by all means to improve continuously. The interaction could not be out of the question. A more natural communication between users favors a healthier ecosystem. Therefore, Facebook wants to integrate buttons to share in publications , thus allowing a more human communication.

Content programming companies like SocialGest have already been affected. Not in vain, have they been able to adapt to the latest changes, recommending all their clients to migrate their personal profile to a “fanpage”

From now on, the management of new content on Facebook will be commercialized, provided that it is carried out according to the guidelines set by it.

We could not finish an article of social networks, without deserving of a small gift. Since we know that keeping in mind each date can generate confusion for a community manager. To keep things simple, we have created the Community Manager Calendar . Thus, you will have all important dates at hand at a glance. Enjoy it!

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