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The marketing of influencers is probably the most recent formula found brands to reach their potential customers.

And why so much interest for them?

The influencers’ commercial potential lies in their ability to influence, convince and transmit confidence to the large Optometrist Accurate Email List number of followers they usually have in their social profiles. If a business gets an influencer to recommend its products or services, it probably enhances the knowledge and branding of its brand and, consequently, manages to increase its sales.

To get the idea of ​​the potential of this new figure of marketing, you just need to take a look at Instagram or Youtube ; influencers / youtubers like elrubiusOMG or Vegetta777 accumulate more than 24 million and 17 million followers, respectively.

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In addition, users react to each publication they make, asking them where they can buy the products they use.

Given this new phenomenon, it is usual for some brands to find it interesting to work with them. However, tracing the marketing strategy with the most suitable influencers is not easy, especially if we want the actions to have a beneficial effect on the business.

To achieve success, it is necessary to clearly define the objectives, the target to which we address, the attributes, the strategy and, finally, find a truly original and different action. Of course, we must also be careful in the selection of influencers. These tips can help you choose the most appropriate influencer to represent your brand .

Still do not see clearly how to design your strategy? Maybe a practical example can help you.

Below we explain how we did it in our digital marketing agency to enhance the visibility and sales of one of our clients’ products: Garmin, the leading company in navigation in the fields of nautical, aviation, sport and automotive. Do not miss a detail😉


  1. Define the objectives and your target audience

Regardless of whether we are going to work with influencers or not, the first thing we must be clear about is what objective we pursue. In Garmin’s case, the objectives were clear:

  • Introduce your new product vívofit jr ® , as well as its functionalities.
  • Enhance the sales of said product during the 2016 Christmas campaign.

As for the target audience, vívofit jr ® is a water resistant wearable exclusive for children, so the target was obviously to reach them.

  1. Select the most appropriate strategy

To achieve the objectives of Garmin, and especially taking into account the target, in our digital marketing agency we opted for the influencers marketing strategy on Youtube.

  1. Think a good idea

Once the objectives and our strategy of influencers were marked, we needed to find a creative action that would really allow us to reach success.

Finally, we selected 6 mini-influencers from Youtube and decided to organize an unboxing of Vívofit jr ®. What should each of the influencers do? Attentive:

  • To each YouTube influencer we sent him a surprise box with a really original design. Each box contained 6 numbered balloons, 6 healthy habits (inside each balloon), a healthy habits board and the box with the vívofit jr ®. All with the corresponding instructions.
  • When they received the box, the mini-influencers had to puncture the balloons and hang healthy habits on the board.
  • Every healthy habit was related to the Wearable. Vívofit jr ®, for example, allows parents to assign daily healthy tasks to their children (both custom tasks and standard tasks). Every healthy habit that we put inside the balloon could be configured as a task in wearable, such as drinking 2 liters of water daily or brushing your teeth after each meal.