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Since childhood, stories have been part of our lives. We have all remembered that special moment, that someone told us a story at night. An intimate moment where we gave List of Timeshare Owners free rein to our imagination and dreamed of the List of Timeshare Owners most crazy adventures.

It is clear that the stories moved us , we learned List of Timeshare Owners Email Database values ​​and they allowed us to show our head to a wonderful world.

Nowadays, stories are used to differentiate themselves in the hotel world. Stories with commercial purposes, able to take advantage of the power of the newsroom by attracting guests in a non-intrusive way. Do you know what inbound marketing is?

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In marketing, the use of stories is used under a very old marketing technique: Storytelling.


Storytelling is the art of telling a story to connect with your customers . The fundamental idea is to add value to the brand. The mouth-to-ear effect or WOM (word of mouth) is its reason for being. Improving the perception of the reputation of the brand and customer loyalty. Storytelling as social networks are means to increase dissemination and generate a perception of quality about the company. It is important not to underestimate its effectiveness.

Stories work, precisely because they connect emotionally . Each one of us creates his own story through the imagination, generating confidence to the reader and loyalty to the brand.


The experiences of our clients are the perfect occasion to take advantage of the interest of other people to travel. No need to use advertising in a “shameless” way when showing our hotels. And now you will say, How? Well, in the following way:

– The story you want to tell must be authentic and interesting . If it catches your attention and generates interest, you are on the right track. The intention is to connect with your clients emotionally.