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In this introduction guide to Facebook Ads of  Marketing we will see everything you need to start understanding and working with Facebook Ads. The aim is to develop within the blog of online marketing  one Guide Facebook Ads 2016 full to allow us to start from scratch to create effective campaigns Email List of School Principals for our business.

* NOTE: Remember that this section of the marketing blog is for novice users in Facebook Ads. If you have already done an advertising campaign on Facebook, you can wait for the following specialized articles on Facebook Ads or read the complete Facebook Ads Guide that I have already published.

Introduction to Facebook Ads

The first thing is to make an introduction to Facebook Ads , so we will dedicate this post to comment on the first steps to be taken. Did you know that currently more than 1400 million Internet users use this social network to communicate and find out what interests them? It is estimated that almost 65% of these people enter Facebook daily.

Through Facebook Ads we can reach our target audience and show our ads efficiently.

Facebook Ads is a way of advertising that allows the possibility of interacting with users through contests, sweepstakes or games, something that helps us to know the interests of our target audience.

From now on we will know the different steps that must be carried out to enter Facebook Ads and start an advertising campaign, but first we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the Facebook Ads business manager .

Email List of School Principals

Advantages and disadvantages of Facebook Ads

Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook Ads since it is convenient to know their strengths and weaknesses to make the best decisions in digital marketing. Knowing the characteristics of this advertising platform will help us make better decisions about its use.


  • Very great segmentation possibilities.
  • High capacity to reach our target audience.
  • Easy interpretation of results and monitoring of campaigns.
  • Control over the daily budget.
  • Instant return of the investment.
  • Easy analysis of results.
  • If the campaign is good it can be shared for free.
  • Use of specific images and videos for each target.
  • Average CPC of average.


  • If it is not optimized well the campaign can be expensive.
  • There is a lot of potential audience that may be irrelevant.
  • Facebook is a social network where advertising often goes unnoticed.
  • You can not schedule an announcement for a specific time of the day.
  • You can not schedule it to first reach the entire target audience before showing them an ad again.

Structure of Facebook Ads

The structure of Facebook Ads follows a logical sequence that makes using Facebook Ads very simple. First of all we have to choose an objective , which can be for example getting 500 downloads of our mobile application. After the election of the objective the campaign is created , which will be the first level, as you can see in the image.

With the campaign created we have the ad sets , which are the segmentations we want to make, that is, the groups of people that we are going to influence. We not only talk about who, but where and how. We choose the geographical area, age, education, interests, etc., and in this way we make a specific segmentation. In this section it is essential to know our target.

Finally we have the ads . In this part we can manage and manage Facebook Ads ads so that we can optimize them daily, changing your text, image, etc.

All this information helps us to choose which are the best segmentations and which are the ads that best convert or for example that have higher CTR.