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Met the medium term SEO goal ? 6 months ago this Digital Marketing Blog . Time has passed and I have barely heard. The main objective of this Digital Marketing Blog was without a doubt to work the SEO to achieve a medium term positioning, without resources beyond the personal work and the Fishing And forestry Email List time (scarce) that I have. In addition to this goal of SEO positioning, I also had the idea to keep myself updated in marketing and to know the main marketing blog.

During these months I have realized that there are real marketing blogs that are worthwhile. Some like Vilma Nunez, 40 fever, Juan Aerodrome, , Tomas de Teresa, Telemarketing …, in short, I leave many I know.

Fishing And forestry Email List

In the end, many of these people live on their blog, they have it totally monetized and they can afford to dedicate themselves fully to the blog. They have created a personal brand (what better example than Laura Ribas or Vilma Nuñez), which brings benefits and is perfect if marketing is what you are passionate about. I would like to spend much more time, but my work and other projects prevent me from doing so.

It is important to take stock in SEO terms of this Digital Marketing Blog. To evaluate the results I used some tools like Ahrefs and Proranktracker . Both are indispensable tools for today’s SEO, especially Ahrefs .

The most important keyword with which I want to position myself is ” Digital Marketing Blog “. Before continuing, it is convenient to take into account a series of aspects about this keyword :

  • It is a keyword with a limited number of weekly searches. It is not ideal to monetize. He was aware of it in his day.


  • However, to include the word “digital marketing” has reasonable competition. We must not forget that in “digital marketing” are the masters of different universities and blogs much older and more relevant than mine.


  • It was necessary to use the long tail since “marketing blog” is a much more saturated keyword . However, choosing Digital Marketing Blog did not make me give up the longer term positioning in “marketing blog”.