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Throughout our lives, we find colors around us in one way or another: either the green color of the leaves of the trees, the gray color of the asphalt or the blue color of the sky. Colors give us special sensations depending on the type, the  Marketing List of RV Owners urgency based on red and the optimism of yellow for example.

Let’s say that the color image serves as a trigger to a particular state. Clearly, sight is the most developed sense of the human being and underestimating its power is to put our advantage against it.

According to Jürgen Klaric , expert in Neuromarketing, 84.7% of consumers recognize that the color of a product is the main reason to make the purchase . Without a doubt, our business must not leave aside such a detail.

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In this post, we will see how color affects the psychology of people and how to use colors in our favor.

Let’s go there!


First of all, we have to understand what neuromarketing means and its functions in the business world today.

Neuromarketing is, basically, neuroscience applied to marketing . Having as objective to understand the purchase process according to the neuronal activity towards the behavior with the brands. That is, understand the areas of the brain that are activated in consumer decision making.

It is known that the unconscious plays a very important role. In fact, 95% of purchase decisions are taken unconsciously , wow! . That means that to assume that we are rational creatures together is false.


There are many neuromarketing techniques that allow recording the different reactions of the human brain to stimuli: Eye-tracking, electroencephalogram, magnetic resonance and many more. Once the data is obtained, marketing actions can be used to design and launch products anticipating the reactions of the potential consumer.

The advantages of neuroscience are the large amounts of data extracted from the same subject. This exhaustive knowledge achieves, so to speak, “conquer” the consumer, creating customized products.

From the outside, marketing seems the panacea for the business sector. However, like all exploited practices, falling into the wrong hands is a handicap , decaying quality and confidence in the brand, being an intrusive and unfortunately manipulative activity. For this, the ethical code of the NMSBA (Marketing Science and Business Association) has been created, specifying the uses of the ethics of marketing in both advertising and marketing.