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“Thank you, especially to you, Luis Fernando, my founding father, that with your testimony, your teachings and closeness as a friend, you have always helped me to open myself with confidence to the Divine Design in my life”. With these words, Interior Designers Emil List during his speech to assume the Archdiocese of Piura, José Antonio Eguren showed what was always known: his closeness to Luis Fernando Figari, founder of Sodalicio accused of physical, psychological and sexual abuse.

There is no ex-member of Sodalicio who does not recognize Eguren as one of their leaders. This, in addition, has been pointed out by other victims as the author of the mistreatment that now overshadows this religious organization.

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But despite the obvious, the Archbishop tears his clothes when they relate him to the Sodalicio and, through threats, tries to silence everyone who reminds him of that dark (or present?) Past. Today, Pedro Salinas and Paola Ugaz, the two journalists without whose work might never have known the magnitude of the humiliations that occurred inside the Sodalit houses, face a possible sentence for supposedly having defamed the priest.

What was the alleged defamation? Simple: remember -ojo, remember! – the complaints against you through a column and a series of tweets.

But if the complaint is already absurd, the process is not far behind: journalists have been forced to litigate in a trial in Piura, where, in addition to reigning the powerful influence of Eguren, it is not legally required to carry out the process (the alleged “defamations” were made from Lima).

Given this, it is curious how Pope Francis encourages to denounce the abuses committed in the Church, while here one of his subordinates tries to silence those who demonstrate them.