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The digital presence of a business happens in the majority of occasions to be in the top positions of the main search engines . In Spain, we talk almost exclusively about Google.

So, if we are not present in those Google positions, there Dentist Email List will be no client visiting our website.

The consequence?

Neither will we be able to position our business online, nor will we probably obtain sales or potential customers.

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Therefore, while it is important to work on the visibility of a business on the Internet, it is essential to work it properly to reach the highest possible position in Google .

Although it may turn out to be a utopia, the ultimate goal would be to reach that desired first position in Google, always with those keywords that you consider relevant to your business.

If you do not know how to select the most suitable keywords for your business , as an SEO agency we have created this guide that can help you.

To finish convincing you of the importance of SEO and to reach the highest possible in Google, we want to give you some pretty revealing data.

This data will allow us to know what percentage of clicks get the top positions of Google . Lets go see it!

Google Search Console is a great tool at the marketing level. One of its main reports is  Search Analytics , which lets you know the queries made by users who have activated the appearance of your website on Google.

In addition, based on each query, you can know your overall impressions (the number of times the query has been done on Google), both by country and globally, the position of your website, the clicks your business has achieved and the ratio of clicks on impressions (CTR).

In our digital marketing agency we have gone to our profile in Google Search Console, and we have selected a set of words that have brought traffic to our blog in the last 90 days, taking into account Spain’s location.

As you can see, when we are in position 7 we do not get visits. On the other hand, if we place ourselves between 1 and 2 positions, we manage to attract more than 40% of the clicks generated by a search.

These results are quite consistent with studies such as the one published by Optify , in which it announced the percentages of clicks that each position received in Google:

Given such data, we hope we have convinced you of the importance of working correctly on the visibility of your business in Google. We suggest you take a look at Google Search Console to see what visibility you currently have and draw your own conclusions to improve it.

If you need help, remember that our digital marketing agency is specialized in web positioning and digital marketing .