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After the unquestionable success of the WhatsApp Messenger application with more than 1,000 million users, it was a matter of time before WhatsApp Business was launched, the new exclusive app for companies better known in Spain as WhatsApp for Business.

The advance in recent years of technologies, especially with mobile devices, has enabled a different form of contact US Companie Board of Directors Contact Addresses with our customers. They have become more accessible, but also more demanding. Personalization becomes key in the strategy of any company as a method to differentiate itself from the competition .

Within this approach, the incorporation of businesses to WhatsApp is considered. A new way BtoC to contact our customers through a personal and daily application:

  • The same interface is maintained as WhatsApp Messenger (users easily identify it and know its operation and utility)
  • They do not need to download a new application
  • They can contact the companies 24/7

In this way, a direct way of communicating with consumers is established through personal and simple messages that increase trust.


As indicated, WhatsApp Business maintains the same design as its counterpart, as well as its operation.

So what is the difference?

US Companie Board of Directors Contact Addresses

In this case, users will not be talking to an individual personally, but at the top will indicate the name of the company.

In addition, businesses can provide a description of their service or product, their physical address and location on a map, email address, business hours, web address, other means of contact and a direct connection to the company’s Social Networks .


You will have noticed that users can contact 24 hours a day, any day of the week. However, it is obvious that no company will have such hours of attention.

For this, WhatsApp Business has automatic responses of 3 types:

  • Welcome Messages : we can create standard messages that will be sent automatically to those customers who contact us for the first time in this way. It has a maximum of 200 characters and emoticons can be inserted.
  • Absence Messages : As with the welcome messages, we have a maximum of 200 characters to configure a standard message in case you contact us during non-business hours. We can choose the shipping time.
  • Quick Answers : consist of answers that we recorded previously and automatically in the device and that we identify through a word or shortcut. For example, we can configure the response as “Thank you for contacting us” and that the shortcut for the phrase to appear automatically is “Thank you”.

Undoubtedly, the automatic answers are a great help in the dynamization of the conversation with the user and that he feels that he is really being taken care of and his doubts will be resolved as soon as possible. For this it is essential that the automatic messages are as real and close as possible and do not give the sensation of being talking with simple machines.


The use of automatic responses and general concept of the application may lead to think that WhatsApp Business only has utility in customer service. However, some companies already start using it as a method to receive notifications and notice of problems with certain products or services.


WhatsApp Business application has very little travel and still has much to improve and develop.

  • It is not possible to have the same phone number for WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger. For this, the application allows to include as a number the fixed company. Even so, there are self-employed businesses with a single telephone number corresponding to the owner’s, so it is important to take it into account.
  • WhatsApp Business has the option to present statistics , but at the moment these are very basic and they only indicate the number of messages sent, delivered, received and read by the company. It is expected that in the not too distant future we may know the number of conversions or clicks that the user gives to our website, Social Networks or location, for example.