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When a tweet goes viral and other ways to make your mobile vibrate as if there were no tomorrow. Welcome back to the Digital Marketing Blog of Soy de Marketing ! This week Fast Food Direct Mail we continue with Twitter Analytics and for that what better to talk about tweets that get high rates of retweet, clicks on the profile, favorites and ultimately, more impressions.

If you have entered the post thinking that I am going to give you a manual on how to viralize tweets, you have made a mistake in post and blog. You should know that it is very complicated to viralize a message on social networks, you can follow a series of tips, but there is no exact formula. Moreover, it is most likely a game of chance .

Each company and each sector are different, so you have to know the audience. We must know what interests our followers, what they see, when they see it, and above all, what content could be more friendly to be “shareable”.

Get publish at the optimal time

Most users do not optimize the timing of their tweets, they simply tweet when it comes up. However, from the profile of a brand or a company, it is convenient to know which are the most appropriate times to get interactions. It is convenient to use the TImely or Buffer tools. For example, look at this bubble chart to understand the importance of each schedule:

Add value

Yes, is not it obvious? Tweets that bring something of value tend to triumph in RRSS. There are many bloggers who give away electronic books in PDF format to get impressions and followers, who can later become loyal followers. If we have time we can find out what are the contents that can add value to our followers.

Include links

It is demonstrated (by a study carried out by Dan Zarrella) that if our tweet has a link, it will get more interactions than one without a link. This does not mean that all of our tweets should be carried, but we can take advantage of them sometimes. By the way, some experts recommend that the link is not at the end of the tweet since it gets more interactions if it is in the middle of the text, which complicates more than an attractive tweet.

Include multimedia content

The fact of including multimedia content always helps the diffusion, but it is also true that it is not worth everything. We must find a content useful to the user, or at least funny, so that it is easily shared

Take advantage of a #hashtag

Thanks to a hashtag we can reach the target audience of a specific topic. They are people who are talking about a subject at a specific time, so we can aim directly at our goal. We do not know all the topics that are going to be trending topic the next day, but we can deduce that there are certain topics that always give to talk (Christmas lottery, football games, awards ceremonies, etc.).

There are many brands that try to be talked about (better if it is good) by using funny or controversial tweets. You have to take into account where the red line is, between what can be said from an official profile of a brand and what does not.